Sunday, July 26, 2009

Episode 19: Watchmen

Come one come all to our longest commentary yet: the Zack Snyder film Watchmen. Maybe we should say the Alan Moore film, since Snyder pretty much lifted the images from the pages of the graphic novel. We would say that, but Moore would undoubtedly get really mad at us since he didn't want his name anywhere near this movie. Joining me for this very full commentary are stalwarts Jen and Zo, plus Joe Evans plays Watchmen convert. Also there's Mark, a complete Watchmen virgin. Showing up late (someone always does) is Maxim.

Watchmen ComedianHere of course is the image of the Comedian falling out the window at the beginning of the movie. If somehow you haven't seen this image in the past year -- here it is.

Watchmen SilhouetteJust about my favorite image in the movie. The lady who hardly gets any screen time at all is named Silhouette.

Watchmen opening creditsDon't you just love these brilliant, cheery opening credits?

WatchmenPublic service: screengrabbing these magazines so that you have time to look at them beyond the 1.2 seconds of screentime they get.

Watchmen Silk SpectreSilk Spectre: The Velocitang.

Watchmen electricityCapturing screen images from this movie was the funnest ever. So much imagery not seen everywhere already.

Watchmen ComedianJeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian. Lookin' quite studly.

Watchmen Janey SlaterLaura Mennell as Janey Slater. She wins the award for hottest chick in the movie.

Watchmen Rorschach VeidtIf you look very carefully on Rorschach's aerosol can, you might be able to see "VEIDT."

Watchmen button"Hmm! I wonder what this button does!"

Watchmen kissWe DO amount to a hill of beans!

Watchmen MarsThe OTHER face on Mars.

Watchmen light saberUse the force, Nite Owl!

Watchmen explosionHey, isn't there supposed to be an ugly, alien squid in this image?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episode 18: Predator 2

Predator 2 commentary
Through much peer pressure I've given in. It was demanded that we do Predator 2 since Zo and Jen hate it while Maxim and Scott love it. Fortunately both parties (finally) made it to the debate. Conclusion: neutral. Is the "urban jungle" a nice evolution of the franchise or a silly gimmick? Is the sequel automatically bad for simply being a sequel to something so good? What is the best Gary Busey movie? Zo and Jen don't pop in until a half hour into the movie, so be patient.

Predator 2 commentaryI think we missed this title card. We were pretty confused about when the flick takes place.

Predator 2 commentaryCaught in the act!

Predator 2 commentaryMy favorite Predator weapon? Definitely the net gun.

Predator 2 commentaryBill Paxton sweating THROUGH HIS COAT! Why even wear a coat? Also, the conchita from The Running Man.

Predator 2 commentary"There can only be one!" Watch for our commentary of Highlander -- hopefully coming soon.

Predator 2 commentaryGlowy KY

Predator 2 commentaryAlien head! Alien head!

Predator 2 commentary"Who's next?"

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Episode 17: Rambo

Alright, here we go with just about the funniest movie I've seen in a long long time. Don't confuse this one with Rambo: First Blood Part II or any of the other Rambo movies. This is the fourth one. The one that just came out. The one where Sly Stallone was busted for steroid use during the production. With me as always are Zo and Jen. The first three minutes sounds a bit garbled because we had the movie turned up, but after that, it's pretty clear. Enjoy!

Wow, this horrible fascist army really is efficient when it comes to torturing. This is in the middle of a battle! "Off with his leg!"

"They call me School Boy because... yeah, well it's a lame name."

"Auuraaagghh! He got the point! Auuraarraagah!"

"Live for nothing. Die for something."



Whenever Sylvester Stallone calls shotgun, you better dang well abide his request.

Hey, anyone see Ho Jon's head? Oh there it is, up there!

Okay, seriously. Is there any caption that I can possibly put here that would add anything at all to this screengrab? Seriously. Are you even reading this, or are you staring at some guy's head explode? This is two movies in a row where a steady theme has been "guys heads exploding."

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