Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 21: Legend (Theatrical Cut)

Okay, usually at this point in the blog we throw in there a bunch of screenshots from the movie with some witty comments. Unfortunately, this one was a rental, so we didn't have time to get the screenshots. Here's a cute one of Mia Sara downloaded from somewhere. The fact that it's a rental says a lot. None of us are actually fans of the movie, but we knew that this was a commentary that needed to be done. Of course most of us are still in the dark(ness) about what this flick is actually about. I think most of us are still unsure about whether or not we even like the movie Legend. Speaking for myself, I think I'm a fan. It's a lot like when I read Wuthering Heights in high school and absolutely loathed it, but for some reason it stayed with me for years. That's what this movie is. It's bad in ways, but far far far from forgettable.

Joining this time we got Zo, Jen, Dave and Mark. Joe joined us for the beginning while we got Regan and Rhett for the end.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Episode 20: Highlander (Director's Cut)

Who wants to live forever? I think it was Woody Allen who said something like "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying." This time we set records again with how many of us there were. Joining me this time: Dave (our Highlander expert), Joe (our Highlander virgin), Jaime (our commentary virgin), Jen (quiet, but cute), Zo (the boundary breaker) and Mark (mumbly guy). Making quick cameos, we had Rhett and Regan. Freakin' love this movie. In my opinion "there can only be one" Highlander movie. Too good of a story to spread out over a half dozen other movies and TV shows.

So few people understand this movie that it needs a title card explaining what Sean Connery will eventually explain anyway.

This little girl actually made this tongue gesture to the greasy '80s wrestler.

Christopher Lambert. Is it Lambert or Lam-bear?

First rule of sword fighting. Don't ever hit the overhead steam pipe.

"Don't lose your head!" "Stay ahead of the game!" "Head-on, don't apply directly to the forehead!" Zo could go on and on.

The Rocky III training montage.

Introducing Beatie Edney as Heather, the movie's hot chick!

The production designer really loved bowls of apples.

Is your Highlander sense tingling? That's Venom right behind you!

Lambert is of course fighting Clancy Brown as The Kurgan. He's freakin' awesome. You realize he also played Kelvin in Lost? Yeah! Blows my mind.

The quickening in effect... the quickening sure hates glass.

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