Friday, June 29, 2007

podcast alley

I'm submitting the podcast to podcast alley and they told me that i have to put the following lines of code into a post in order to claim my feed with them. so here goes:

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-a6d43601e4a687ed2ba772560b1b92b5}

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episode 5: Contact - Part 2 (ch. 22-end)

And now we move on to the exciting half of Contact. Say hooray! I think i make some incoherent and incorrect statements about how it didn't make sense that Bryant Gumbel wasn't actually considered a journalist according to IMDb. I was of course very tired and confused and forgot that whatever I was talking about only had to do with CNN journalists only applied after the movie came out anyway. Neither here nor there (whatever that means).

Hey! I think I saw this guy in church last week.
I forgot to crop this screen capture and I'm too lazy to fix it. Deal with it! Anyway, this is Jodie Foster's face in its most natural state.
Dang! If only she could figure out how to work that recording device!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Episode 5: Contact - Part 1 (ch. 1-22)

Today we make Movie Commentary Podcast history by commenting on a movie I don't like.

Contact from 1997 is a sorta sci-fi film mostly set on Earth with characters that mostly just talk or listen to ambient noise. The only thing more boring than the main characters in this movie are the aliens. It makes one wonder: should we bother exploring space when the aliens aren't even nifty enough to reveal themselves in a form other than David Morse?

This movie also began my unfortunate dislike of Jodie Foster. Sorry Jodie!

Jodie Foster re-acquaints herself with the lion from Napoleon and Samantha

The girl in Donnie Darko vainly attempts to save her father by running in place

Jodie Foster pushes the envelope of annoying me by actually displaying two versions of her pointy face simultaneously

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