Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode 24: Road House

Whoops! The podcast doesn't start until 26 seconds or so. Sorry! Just fast forward or give it a little time.

Road House
In honor of the great Patrick Swayze we're goin' ahead and rollin' with Road House. I voted to do Point Break, but we figured this one would be funner to do, plus Swayze's got more of a starring role.

Zo and Dave join me as usual (can't get rid of those guys). We got no Jen, but Brandon joins us for the first time. He's the ginger about to join the army. Also, we brought Scott back. He actually works as a bouncer for a living, so it's pretty obvious.

Road House BuickFinally! A "great" Buick!

Road HouseYou drove across the country to work here?

Road House Scott HannaOkay, this guy is making a face just like our buddy Scott Hanna. You hear Scott's voice in the podcast -- remember he's the bouncer. When you hear his voice picture him making this face.

Road House mustacheWould you say this guy is pulling off the mustache?

Road House siliconeThe leftover silicone from her breasts went into her hair.

Road House bootCheck out the CGI on this guy's boot!

Road House heroineAnd there's the lovely heroine! She's sporting the picnic tablecloth look.

Road House monster truckYeah, this movie's got monster trucks! Jealous?

Road House throat"... and he 'throat' it all away!"

Road House deathThis appears to be the most uncomfortable waterbed ever.

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